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More about the Art Techniques we use

watercolor.jpg, 77 kB Carolinas-art-technique.jpg, 62 kB crayon.jpg, 76 kB eliahu-art-technique.jpg, 78 kB Eliahu write a Calligraphy text

Creation of the Ketubah design

First what we have to do is to work out the ketubah design. Although it appears to be easy, it's a long and hard slog. We make a lot of ketubah designs, but for the most parts we are redrafting the design a number of times.

The Sketching

Before we can draw the contours with ink and watercolours, we must establish and measure the geometry of the ketubah design and sketch the contours with a pencil. After that we draw carefully the contours with watercolours. It needs a lot of clarity and precision because an ineaccurate line can confound all the hard work.

Watercolour and Crayons

We finely colour the ketubah with quality watercolours and lightly set off colours and shades intensity with the Derwent Crayons.

Hebrew Calligraphy

For the symphonious lettering visage we must first ascertain the required size for the letters and for the horizontal spaces between lines of the incoming type. After sketching the lines for the text and the conception of the type we write the letters with a calligraphy pen.

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