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Handmade and Custom Ketubot

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Handmade Ketubot

You can choose a ketubah and we will draw it by hand. Any of the ketubot in our Gallery can be made as a handmade original. Once you approve the proof, we paint and write the ketubah within three weeks.

New unique Ketubot

If you want to obtain your individual, imaginative ketubah or you want to include something important to a ketubah from our gallery, we will gladly make a unique ketubah according to your whishes. This ketubah will be one original for you, and never be used for other ketubot.

Do you want to print your ketubah in advance to see what it will look like?

Even that possibility is part of our service. After contacting us and sharing ideas about how you want your unique ketubah to look like, we will do a sketch or possibly a drawing, which we can send you through email. You may then print it at home, to see how the ketubah made after your whishes will look like. Afterwards you can tell us what you feel about it, which details and colors you want changed so as to get the design of the ketubah you desire. Please believe us, there are so many variations of colors and ornaments, so it really is a beautiful and creative moment of the whole process.

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