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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


General Questions

What is the ketubah?

Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that has been used for thousands years. It has been and still is a very important document of the Jewish marriage.
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Is it possible to order a custom design for the ketubah?

Of course it is! If you have your own idea we will make the ketubah in accordance to your model. Or if you give us full liberty, we can make a new design for you according to your preference for colors and patterns.
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Ketubah text Questions

How do I choose my text/what texts are available?

The couple frequently choose the ketubah text according to their officiating Rabbi. We do recommend to consult your Rabbi about the choice of the text.

Officially we have now three most frequently used ketubah texts: the Orthodox ashkenazi, the Orthodox sepharadi and the Conservative with the Lieberman Clause ketubah text. Into the future we are preparing more ketubah text versions.

However your are free to use for your personalized ketubah a different text version as you need. Just send the custom text to us and after the payment we start with the work.
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What does Blank text and Custom text mean?

If you choose the blank text you will get the ketubah with only the artwork that can be filled in by your calligrapher.

The custom text option means that you have a different text version that you will use for our ketubah. Send the custom ketubah text to us and we will write the ketubah with your ketubah text version.

What is Personalization?

Personalization means that we fill in your personal informations including names, dates and places into the ketubah text. If you choose an unpersonalized ketubah we will print/paint the ketubah with spaces for the personalization by your rabbi. However the writing by your rabbi may not look as as nice, sincet your rabbi may not have the lettering for the ketubah . For the best appearance it would be better to use our services and personalize it through us.

What information is needed to fill in the ketubah personalizing form?

In the personalizing form you have all the informations that you need. Nevertheless we will clear up some of the points of the perzonalizing form.

If you still have troubles with the ketubah personalization contact us and we will gladly help you!


How long does it take to get a ketubah?

Generaly you get the ketubah in a few days after the ketubah finalization. The time depends on your location and the DHL or EMS service. If you choose for example the DHL shipping the transit will take two - three days to most major cities. In spite of the EMS low-cost they don't guarantee any transit time.


Can I get a sample?

Yes you can get a sample of the ketubah design. It's the best way to see what the ketubah will look like. We print the ketubah samples on fine art paper sized 105mm x 148mm. The cost of the sample is $20 US.

How do I order a personalized Ketubah?

You have to fill in the personalization form and pay the price of the ketubah and shipping. It doesn´t matter if you send the payment before or after the personalization procces, because it some times take long time to get the text from your Rabbi. But to get the ketubah started we have to have the payment transaction done. After you fill in the ketubah text or personalization form, we will send it back to you for a last revisal by your rabbi. After you validate the text and the ketubah will be paid, we start to work on the printed/handmade ketubah. All sales after the validation are final and refunds, exchanges and cancellations are not possible if work has already begun.

How do I order a unpersonalized Ketubah?

Just select the ketubah design and the ketubah text version that you want to buy and order it.

How can I pay for my order?

You will get a reply from us confirming your order with the request about the payment. Our recommended payment method is to pay with normal bank transfer. Or use the Paypal. Paypal enables international online payments with Amex, Visa, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club, SWIFT. You can do a Check Order too, but it takes a long time to validate the check.

What is your return policy?

The returns generaly depends on what type of ketubah you had choosen. Of course if your ketubah arrives damaged or with a spelling mistake your payment will be refunded in full to you as soon as our ketubah is returned via a traceable courier. The return policy can be obtained at the following link: [ Return Policy ].

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