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The Ketubah - art-nouveau

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Art nouveau, the Queen of floral ornamental art

This ketubah is drawn in the beautiful style of Art Neauvou. An artistic style born in Paris. Art Neauvou was called as the new art, because of its originality, strictly using floral and other natur motifs in wonderful ornamental patterns. Enjoy this ketubah with its elegant colors and natural motifs showing a spectacular desing!

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The dimensions
 A2 (420mm x 594mm)
Painted with
wathercolor and crayons on handmade paper.
The price
of a handmade ketubah design is $896 USD
and of a Giclée Print $235 USD.
Created by
a Czech Republic-based artist Carolina Sidon. Made in Prague, Czech Republic.
Text versions for the Ketubah:
  • Orthodox ashkenazi with English
  • Orthodox ashkenazi
  • Orthodox sepharadi
  • Conservative with the Lieberman Clause
  • Interfaith (for non Jewish weddings and for Jews with only Jewish father)

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