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The Ketubah - Traditional

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Traditional colored Ketubah

Old jewish ketubahs are so beautiful. The color combination of brown, dark blue and red has become a basis of traditional art. Inspired by their coloring and motifs this ketubah presents the ancient jewish art, reminding us about the rich history of the jewish people.

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The dimensions
 A2 (420mm x 594mm)
Painted with
wathercolor and crayons on handmade paper.
The price
of a handmade ketubah design is $896 USD
and of a Giclée Print $235 USD.
Created by
a Czech Republic-based artist Carolina Sidon. Made in Prague, Czech Republic.
Text versions for the Ketubah:
  • Orthodox ashkenazi with English
  • Orthodox ashkenazi
  • Orthodox sepharadi
  • Conservative with the Lieberman Clause
  • Interfaith (for non Jewish weddings and for Jews with only Jewish father)

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