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Lettering and Paper Samples

Free Hebrew Font:
We maked a hebrew font for our ketubot if you are interested to use the font we recommend Inkscape editor. Inkscape is a free Vector Graphics Editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator. In other editors the font can look cramped. The hebrew ketubah font can be used for non-wage-earning activities.
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[ Download the hebrew font ]


One of the most important elements of the ketubah is the hebrew lettering.

Digital lettering

For the ketubah prints we generaly use the Ketubah font. We maked this hebrew font for our ketubot by ourself. It‘s traditional look fits the design of our ketubot, that is why we give it the name Ketubah.

[ Enlarge Ketubah Font ]

Download Note: The ketubah font can be used for non-wage-earning activities. If you want to use it commercialy please contact us so that we can come to an agreement.

You can choose a different font for your printed ketubah, for example the Oskar font or the Ezra font.
[ Enlarge Oskar ]

[ Enlarge Ezra ]

Lettering for English ketubah text

Handwritten lettering

The Jewish tradition to write the ketubah text by hand is to beautify the wedding mitzvah. The calligraphy lettering as you can see is not as narrow as the digital font, but in the final form it looks much more original. However, you can choose the digital font for your handmade ketubah without handwritten lettering.

[ Enlarge Calligraphy ]


Hahnemühle FineArt paper has been satisfactory for these requirements for over 420 years. Through its vast understanding of artistic demands and creative needs, Hahnemühle has developed a comprehensive range of papers for both professional and amateur artists. Generations have relied on the unique quality of Hahnemühle papers!

paper-mould-made-william-tu.jpg, 20 kB

Wiliam Turner - 310 g/m2 (Hahnemühle)

Natural white, 100% rag, age resistant, printable on one side, fine toothy surface.

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